Saturday, 7 September 2013

Video Diaries

I am using some of the ideas generated from this research project with pupils in my current class - they are all high functioning and on the Autism Spectrum. We are using video diaries this term to reflect on our week. Some of the resources I use to support this can be found below. In my current use of these diaries, I think it is important that pupils are provided with additional visuals to help with deficits in memory and imagination. Before making a video recording we look back at the timetable for the week and maybe some photographs that have been taken. While this is the way I am using this method, there are other possibilities such as focusing on the discussion of a key event that has taken place e.g. swimming or a tantrum.

It is important that a wide range of choices are provided when using this method to reduce social anxiety. I give pupils a range of choices that seem to work well and allow for maximum engagement including:

 * adult holding the camera vs pupil holding the camera
 * adult asking the questions vs pupils reading the questions off the sheet on their own
 * pupils using the structures provided to complete their diary independently vs being part of a group with extra support


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